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The word bitcubate is a portmanteau of bit and incubation. The hexagonal logo with a translucent glossy cube with white zero in all dimensions of the red core represents a binary seed in cubic crystal form. bitcubate’s goal is to fulfill the free as in freedom and unix philosphy on the android platform.

bitcubate apps is a one man show with the initial goal to make GNU/Linux CLI applications, libraries and development tools available for the android platform as through an installer. The long term goal is to bring all GNU/Linux packages to android that can be used alone or connected in true unix philosophy.

At the base level, the android operating system is just a embedded GNU/Linux distribution targeted for ARM (to a lesser extent x86 and MIPS), so cross compiling and porting is not rocket science nor trivial enough…

A parallel project called exists to make a viable FOSS operating system as replacement for existing mobile OS’es enabling a unencumbered and contemporary computing experience.